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Julia Lemberskiy


Janeesa Hollingshead


JJ Studio was founded in 2020 by Julia Lemberskiy and Janeesa Hollingshead in order to share their over two decades of combined startup marketing and operations leadership experience with rapidly growing ventures. As former Uber executives, Julia and Janeesa have considerable knowledge of how to ideate, create, grow, and launch global products and services to the world. Together, Julia and Janeesa leverage their previous experiences and skills to manage and execute C-level services for startups and businesses of all sizes; grow and launch their own products; invest in emerging companies; and give back to nonprofits worldwide. Soon, JJ Studio Academy will teach those with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset how to effectively start their own ventures and coach them on how to grow and scale.

JJ Studio is based in New York City and Chicago and is working remotely with startups around the world.

Interested in joining the JJ Studio team? We’re always looking for passionate and dedicated team members that align with our mission and values!

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