JJ Studio proto-sells dozens of our in-house startup ideas every quarter, builds MVPs and scales the successful ones. We also sit on advisory boards and acquire a wide range of startups

Bring Ideas To Life With JJ Studio

Through over a decade of co-creating this discipline - Julia and Janeesa have perfected the art of proto-selling - validating startup/business ideas before even building an MVP. We are proto-selling dozens of ideas every quarter, then building MVPs for the successful ones to gain traction and scale out those that show success.
We sit on the advisory board of half a dozen pre-revenue startups - showing them how to do the same & raise funding with this first validation. We also acquire startups that have passed the validation stage to scale them through our in-house resources. Learn more about our ventures by browsing the projects below:

Do you have a startup idea that you want to validate with our help?​